Leasing Contracting Officers (LCOs) manage over 10,000 leases across government and play critical roles within the acquisition process. The General Services Administration (GSA) recognizes the LCOs’ value and designed the Leasing Certification Program for Real Property (LCP) to address competencies needed for successful lease management. The LCP meets the requirements established through the OFPP Memorandum, which revised the FAC-C Program, and creates professional development opportunities for LCOs.

The table below contains the implementation dates provided in the GSA’s memo. Please work with your agency if you have missed a deadline or if you are a new LCO.

Leasing Contracting
Program Warrant Thresholds

Certification Requirements

Implementation Due Date

Level I: Basic Warrant

LCP Level I

June 30, 2016

Level II: Simplified Warrant

LCP Level I

June 30, 2016

Level III: Intermediate Warrant

LCP Level II

December 31, 2016

Level IV: Senior Unlimited Warrant


September 30, 2017

Management Concepts is here to support you and make achieving your leasing certification as easy as possible. Refer to the table below for the training courses that satisfy the requirements for Leasing Contract Officers with warrant threshold Levels I-IV.

Leasing Certification Training

Have questions or need assistance? If you have questions about how we can help you complete certification requirements for the GSA’s Leasing Certification Program, please complete the form to the right and we will reach out to address your questions.

Acquisition & Contracting
Financial Management
Government Auditing
Grants & Assistance
Human Capital & HR
Leadership & Management
Professional Skills
Project & Program Management
Individual Training Classes
Private Group Training
Custom Training Solutions
Consulting Services

Reminder: Once certified, the GSA requires LCOs to earn 80 CLPs every two years. In addition to Management Concepts Real Property Leasing and FAC-COR offerings, we offer courses in these topic areas that satisfy CLP requirements:

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