Making Change Real: Aligning Your Culture for Greater Collective Impact

Kathryn Johnson
Aligned cultures change the way individuals and teams make decisions, take actions, and achieve results. It is not something that happens by chance—creating the desired culture alignment takes focused effort to make it a reality.

The goal of Management Concepts in creating its Culture Alignment Methodology was to make the work of culture alignment easier, yet powerful by focusing on one priority at a time. It gives specific consideration to identifying expected behaviors and to supporting the needed behavior change to consciously create culture alignment. 

This focus on culture alignment help organizations find new ways of thinking and working, which, in turn open up new ways to learn, innovate, and foster sustainable performance. Everyone, including customers, feels the return when people align around shared values and behavioral norms and take collective action to reach the desired outcome.

Learn more about achieving greater collective impact through culture alignment and change by downloading our whitepaper. 

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