Successful Change Management Practices in the Public Sector
How governmental agencies implement organizational change management

Challenges affect organizations of all shapes and sizes — and the government is no exception. Top-of-mind concerns at governmental agencies include the familiar challenges faced anywhere — employee engagement, training, recruiting, and retention — as well as challenges unique to the public sector, such as changes to the agency’s mission or presidential transitions.

To gain a deeper understanding of the organizational change management process in government, Management Concepts partnered with Human Capital Media, the research arm of Workforce Magazine, to launch “The Changing Government Workplace Survey.” By exclusively surveying government employees, we were able to gain deep insight on how the public sector practices successful change management at the Federal, state and local levels.

Key Findings Include:
  • A third of respondents identify as successful organizations, and report change management success at their workplaces.
  • The top three strategies employed to minimize the negative impact of change are changing processes for efficiency, providing training, and improving the workplace culture. 
  • The top three roadblocks to change are siloing, flawed communication, and lack of buy-in.
Download the report now.

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