The Case for Career Pathing: Proving the Value to Your Agency

Career pathing is the keystone of a competency-based talent management system, providing measurable efficiencies across the human capital lifecycle from recruiting to retention. In the Federal Government, career pathing identifies the required competencies, proficiency levels, and General Schedule grades for roles so that employees, their supervisors, and human resource leaders alike can determine transferrable skills, developmental needs and solutions, and potential career movement opportunities including promotion readiness, and lateral moves that lead to better opportunities.
Competency-based career pathing provides value by enabling the organization to more efficiently:
  • Recruit Better Talent
  • Target Talent Development
  • Fairly and Accurately Assess Performance
  • Drive Workforce Performance Through Improved Workforce Planning
  • Improve Retention and Employee Engagement
Career pathing allows individuals to take a more active role in their career management, empowers managers to give better feedback, and enables human resources to integrate the entire human capital lifecycle in developing the workforce.

Learn more about making the case for career pathing for your organization by downloading our Whitepaper.

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