Agile in the Federal Environment: A Formula for Success

Presented by:
John Driessnack
Glen Alleman
With the recent introduction of the PMI-ACPSM certification exam by the Project Management Institute (PMI), there are many questions about the usefulness of Agile project management to organizations, Agile's value to the project management community, and the value of the PMI-ACPSM credential to both practitioners and organizations.

In this webinar, Rory McCorkle, Product Manager of Credentials at the Project Management Institute (and the person that led the project to develop the PMI-ACPSM credential) will discuss:

  • Why Agile? Why now?
  • Value of the PMI-ACPSM  certification for practitioners and organizations
  • How to become PMI-ACPSM certified
  • Requirements and exam process
  • Knowledge and skill areas covered on the exam

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