Acquisition Workforce

Agencies faced with an acquisition challenge too often find themselves lacking an acquisition team with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to get the job done well. Management Concepts Acquisition Workforce Performance Improvement service is designed to increase learning retention while contributing to mission success—and leave your workforce able to do the job themselves next time. To accomplish this we create a supportive learning environment within the workplace.

Successful Acquisition

Our methodology combines four primary elements to improve your workforce performance:

Point of Performance Learning

We size and position learning opportunities to align with your acquisition mission activities. From our extensive inventory of learning modules, we select and focus content to address your unique workforce and mission needs. Utilizing hands-on workshops, we provide participants opportunities to apply their learning to their own acquisition challenges. For example, a team challenged with a source selection will learn and practice how to evaluate proposals prior to proposal receipt and will apply that learning immediately to the real proposals received. This is a simple model of learn, practice, do.


Acquisition Team Development

Teams often come together from different parts of an organization, with different priorities and skill sets. Therefore opportunities to develop communication, negotiation, and conflict management skills in addition to acquisition skills will improve the team’s ability to work together efficiently and effectively and will result in better outcomes. This approach focuses on all members of the acquisition team because successful acquisition is a team effort.


SME Support

With a “learn, practice, do” approach, it’s essential to provide expert support for the doing to ensure the job is done right. Our acquisition experts will provide advice and insight to guide the team throughout their acquisition challenge. These experts are prior government acquisition leaders, level III certified in contracting and/or program management, and highly experienced in defining requirements, developing acquisition strategies, leading source selections, and managing contracts. They have been there, done that—successfully.


Job Aides & Tools

In order to save time and contribute to a repeatable process that enables an accurate, consistent, and complete output, we provide job aides and tools fitted to your organization’s needs.


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