Internal Control: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability Mini-Course (F3589)

Course Date: July 30, 2020 | 12:30-3:30 PM

Register by July 17, 2020

This mini-course will help participants in reducing the risk of waste, fraud, and mismanagement within their agency, and supporting accountability efforts. Participants will learn what controls are and why they are important; the requirements, standards, and guidance available for internal controls; the importance of risk management; and the eight steps in an internal control process. In addition, the course will cover the relatively new requirement for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), addressing risks to an agency’s strategic objectives.

DoD Certification Level 2
COMPETENCY: Audit Concepts, Policies and Principles – 2.5 hrs (PL3)

In a Virtual course, students participate from their homes or offices while viewing a PowerPoint presentation and listening as the instructor delivers the course live online. Students in the online classroom can communicate with the instructor, and they can collaborate and work together in groups using audio and chat.  Visit our website at this link to view a video on the virtual training option. 

Students will receive a separate email with their username, password, and instructions how to access the live classroom and electronic course materials.  Audio for the class will be accessed through your computer instead of a phone line, for which there are 4 options to access the audio: USB headset with microphone (preferred option), earbud headset with your computer's microphone, external speakers and your computer's microphone, your computer's internal speakers and microphone.

Please note that Management Concepts Virtual classes use ADOBE CONNECT.  It is not necessary to use the Adobe Connect add-on and the program is able to load in your browser without downloading the actual software.

Please visit of the hardware and software requirements.

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